Esther Harsha castle, Europe's most famous castle and tourist attraction. People often gather here to remember the owner of the palace, the great music evangelist, and the Duke of Miklos Elsterhazzi. The middle of the eighteenth Century European music art is a golden age of unprecedented prosperity, the music master have conceived, a Hungarian nobleman Tehaqi Duke Xi Zu Exelon adhering and sponsored music, love, because it has many music masters as his music director, and famous in europe.
One day, the first musical celebration party was held in the very ornate and exquisite castle of Saint James castle. Show a climax, a unique style and luxurious exquisite piano come into people's eyes, I saw a gentleman ya up the graceful bearing Mozart's composition, the music suddenly fall, fresh whispers suddenly as an irresistible force, a sort of potential those majestic, magnificent and the melody that is shaking heaven and earth, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. The presence of people deeply touched.
The sea thief alerted via ectopic division of Bingham, he pulled the bridle, listen, suddenly, his blood coagulation, the deterrent like shock, and the like have mixed feelings, anxious remorse, suddenly altogether all poured into the heart, that is a feeling he born from before. It is an irresistible force from the good. "God let the music to conquer me", he thought. Suddenly, he drew his sword to cut off his left thumb, suddenly blood column, he vows and blood oath "good sense of Lecong" four characters with blood written in the palace outside the marble, then rode slowly away, reluctant to part with, the way he will be robbed of gold and silver jewelry to the poor, and the enemy hostages, a beautiful princess released to return home.
Soon, the mysterious legend spread quickly throughout europe. Prince Esther Hatch and the band became monarchical to the identity of the messenger of peace to invite guests to wait, Ambassador treatment. For Thanksgiving, the princess of Austria to visit the Duke band music hometown in Vienna, and the Duke carefully designed a grand piano and open up a fresh outlook concert, when the Duke appears again in the delicate and quaint piano in front of the audience, in perfect silence, then prolonged applause......
The monuments of history will always remember the spiritual nobility in the music sanctuary and the true meaning of the music of the Duke's piano which he left behind! The poet came to the clouds and said, "what kind of emotions of life are not inspired and touched by music?"

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