Duke piano industry is the first introduction of the European piano manufacturing company, its famous brand "Duke" is a born in the middle of seventeenth Century, one of the European aristocracy of the legendary brand, by Haydn, Lester and other contemporary musicians recommended. The Duke Chinese brand into 15 years, with excellent quality and sincere service has won wide acclaim for music lovers, the company covers an area of more than 80 acres, with hundreds of professional and technical personnel, a total investment of one hundred million yuan, from Germany, Japan employ more than experts in the factory to guide the Duke piano production and R & D etc.. Strict use of the European system of piano standards, built in the production of vertical, horizontal more than 10000 piano production base.

The company always adhere to the brand management concept, focus on product and service innovation, competitiveness has always maintained a leading position in the industry, has passed ISO:9001, ISO:14001 international quality and environmental management system certification, the production process of each piano are out of control. The company has also established a perfect after-sales service system.

The spirit of "concentric counterparts, with the win," business philosophy, products sold in Europe, Australia and other more than 20 countries and more than 200 regions in China, many products are musicians at home and abroad, the Olympic ode party, art life and famous school of music for column stage guitar. The company has for eight consecutive years by the Chinese Instrument Association awarded the "musical instrument industry strong company", and has won the "Chinese famous brand", "quality trustworthy product", "quality China Wanlixing member unit", "3.15 China credit enterprise", "Chinese Instrument Association director unit" honorary title. The China piano Committee awarded the "Duke piano" as "the ten most influential piano brand" and "the most popular piano brand in Chinese family".

Duke piano industry has been committed to the development of piano design, always firmly believe that quality is the life of the product, service is the soul of the sale, the quality of the products always firmly believe that quality is the life of the product, service is the soul of the sale, the product quality is always in the forefront of the same size. In order to further accelerate the transformation and upgrading, enhance the company's core competitiveness and sustainable development, planning and construction in 2012 manufacturing, R & D, sales Expo, music training in one of the Duke piano production base, a total of three, covers an area of 60 acres. Among them, the first phase of the production of 20 thousand pianos production base, the two phase of the construction of the Yangtze River Delta musical instrument R & D and distribution center, the three phase of the construction of display trading center, Art Expo center. The two phase of construction has been completed, including the production base; reliability, striking machine fatigue piano stability testing laboratory; resonance system of material temperature and humidity storage room; the piano timbre of the conditioning room; metal plating salt fog ageing stability instrument laboratory, the whole static chambers, to ensure that every piano manufacturing will Duke is stable and reliable. All the hidden quality problems nipped in the bud, achieve the magnificent, impeccable. It is expected to complete the three phase construction within 3-5 years and become the national piano exhibition trading center and Expo art center. Through 10 years of efforts, the Duke piano will be built into an international brand and completed the listing. In the future, the Duke piano industry will follow the pace of the times, and constantly adjust the pace of enterprise innovation, research and development of more intelligent, networked piano products, so that music can also be colorful!



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