2016 finals of the second "Duke Cup" Youth Piano i


In August 2016 14, the hot sunshine in the garden at the foot of the Shanghai Institute of Political Science and Law Sheshan University ", but could not stop the child heart of the excitement of the mood. The grand ceremony of the second Duke cup Youth Piano invitational tournament was held on schedule, and the small athletes from all over the country came to the beautiful university campus to prepare themselves for it.




For the small Qintong area


Contest judge
In order to ensure the fairness and justice of this competition, the organizing committee invited domestic famous pianists and Piano educators to judge and evaluate the performance of the players objectively and impartially.


Yang Ming

The chairman of the jury

Deputy director of the piano team of the national Ministry of culture. Central Conservatory of Music Gulangyu Islet piano school principal, former director of the Piano Department of Central Conservatory of Music. China's excellent pianists, musicians, educators.


Artistic director of the contest

A famous pianist and conductor in china. He is currently in charge of the Central Philharmonic Orchestra and Piano solo. After graduating from Central Conservatory of Music in 1969 with honors, he joined the Central Philharmonic as a piano soloist. He studied conductor under the direction of David Gilbert, an American conductor, and began conducting the Central Philharmonic Orchestra in 1981. In 1983 he was awarded the DAAD scholarship of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Friedrich.


Born in Fujian, Xiamen Gulangyu Islet, his father playing the piano. 1957 was admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music high school, teacher Liu Peiyin, Professor Zhou Guangren and the famous pianist Yin Chengzong. The first solo piano recital was held in Beijing in 1964.


Shanghai Normal University Music Institute Piano Professor, master tutor, professional leader, member of Chinese Musicians Association, director of Shanghai musicians association. He graduated from in 80s with a master's degree in piano playing from the Shanghai Conservatory Of Music. He was a visiting scholar at the State University of America in the second half of 2003. Former Shanghai Xingzhi art normal school, normal Xingzhi arts Dean, Normal College of music executive vice president, branch secretary.


Shanghai Conservatory Of Music Affiliated Middle School Piano Professor, Shanghai Conservatory Of Music piano performance master supervisor, Chinese piano society director. Graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory Of Music high school for 73 years, then assigned to the band as a solo piano accompaniment, during the work, under the tutelage of Professor Zhou Guangren to learn the piano.


Wang mao

Hubei province children piano education experts, Hubei Province, the piano grading expert judges, director of the Hubei Provincial Institute of piano.

Li mei ge

Former director of the piano teaching and research section of the Conservatory of music, Shanghai Normal University. Member of Chinese Musicians Association, deputy director of piano and Specialized Committee of Shanghai musicians association. He graduated from Shanghai Conservatory Of Music high school, Piano Department, Shanghai Conservatory Of Music Piano Department and Shanghai Normal University music department.

Li wei ming

Music educator, vice president of Art Institute of Fujian Normal University, Vice Dean of Art Education School of Xiamen University, Dean of music department, Dean of Fujian Conservatory of music.


In the course of the competition, the players played their talents, played their own repertoire, touched the judges and the audience with wonderful melody, and grew up in the competition. It was also the intention of the competition.

Flexible fingers danced in the black and white keys, the cheerful music flow in the fingertips, for many years of practice on stage into a beautiful piano, a beautiful melody lingering ear, or cheerful or soothing, or affection, or exciting, let all the audience deeply intoxicated.

The youth competition also takes place in the afternoon. Compared with the immature children, the group performs more skillfully and has a very high level of performance. Of course, the judges are demanding even more.

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