14 year old jazz piano "prodigy" Abu will interpre

Talented Jazz Piano boy Abu

14 year old jazz piano star Abu will join the bass Ma Kai, drummer Shao haha bring a traditional jazz and strong Latin Jazz combined "Abu Jazz Piano Trio concert". In music, three people will be the common interpretation of "another world" crystal "window" and "silent Jazz master Chick Corea's songs and Abu own original music, you will enjoy a full Latin trio.

American Jazz Masters will be presented

This time, Han, Abu will interpret the American electroacoustic Jazz master Chick Corea's works. Abu told reporters: "all of Chick Corea's music, I will fly to New York, please ask him personally."."

Last June, he was in Shanghai and Chick Corea on the same stage, therefore also inspired the creation of the Night Jazz Trio "Chick Corea, met", and get the approval of the master. As long as the interpretation of the creation of Chick Corea's song, Abramovich will fly to New York, he personally please advice. On his trip to Wuhan, he will play the tune for the Wuhan audience.

Chick Corea, an American jazz jazz master, has been hailed as the most important jazz musician of the past thirty years, and his style has almost influenced every modern jazz musician.

Jazz has nothing to do with age"

Although only 14 years old, but Abu has received more and more attention to the jazz musician, 2012 was invited with the famous Rolf Beck Jazz Orchestra (Rolf Becker Big Band's play). At the end of 2012, Abu Jazz Trio debut studio Instrumental Album was recorded in Beijing, by Grammy award winner Jacob Handel personally penned the recording.

At the age of 4 Abu began studying classical piano, in addition to the professional classical piano training, also have a lot of contact, including jazz, Latin music, improvisation, etc.. "I don't think jazz has anything to do with age," Abu said in an interview. "My Jazz piano was based on classical piano learning, and tried to show the freedom of jazz."."

The excellent performance of Abu, it is often praised as "genius" "child prodigy", but Abu always low-key and said: "I am also through hard training out, such as rhythm, Latin rhythm is practiced for nearly three years. So I'm not a genius. I'm just young."

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